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8 Signs It Might Be Time To Quit Your Job

8 Signs It Might Be Time To Quit Your Job | FGS Recruitment

If the words 'Should I quit my job' are frequenting your vocabulary or your Google search bar, then it might be an idea to start taking it seriously.

It's likely that you spend more of your precious waking hours at work than you do anywhere else and life is too short to continue doing something you don't enjoy. It's too short to spend your days working for a terrible boss, to go home every day feeling unfilled or to be feeling taken for granted.

There comes a time in everyone’s career when the realisation comes that you and your current job just aren't a great fit anymore and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you're unsure whether it's time to quit your job, here are the tell-tale signs.

You dread going to work

Whilst it's true that many people aren't thrilled about having to leave the fun of the weekend behind to go back to work on a Monday morning, it should only be a once a week kind of thing. If your Sunday evenings are spent dreading going into the office on a Monday morning and your week is spent counting down to Friday, then this is a sign of more than the Monday morning blues.

The company is in financial crisis

Pay raises and bonuses have been cancelled, budgets cut and project's postponed. If any (or all) of these sound familiar, then these could be signs that the company is in financial trouble which can lead to redundancies. If your employer is struggling, then it's time to move as quickly as possible.

You've lost your passion

Are you finding yourself constantly watching the clock waiting for it to tell you that you can go home? Are you spending your days on social media when it's not your job? These are definite signs that you are bored of your work and need a new challenge.

There's no room for progression

Every job should lead to something, hopefully a promotion but if not, the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities, to learn new things and take on new challenges. If you're finding yourself plodding on doing the same thing, whilst people around you get promotions and are being sent on training courses, then it's time to either have a chat with your manager or look for a new job.

Your health is suffering

No job is worth sacrificing your health for - no matter the situation. Stress and unhappiness at work can lead to depression, exhaustion and insomnia. If you feel yourself being affected by any of these, then it's time to find something you enjoy.

Your personal life is suffering

Work/life balance is increasingly becoming a main factor jobseekers consider when looking for a new job and with the legislation from June 2014 allowing every employee the statutory right to request flexible working, more and more employers are recognising this. If you're working too many hours and you're stressed and miserable when you come home, then it's time to leave.

You worry about money - all the time

It's true that most of us worry about money often however if it's constantly on your mind and you're scrambling to pay the bills then you might not be getting paid enough. Do some research on the job boards and via salary surveys to gauge what you should be earning and if you've been with your company long enough, then request a meeting with your manager to discuss a possible pay rise. If your current company doesn't agree to a pay increase, then it might be time to find a company that does.

You just know

When it comes to knowing that something isn't right, then it really is best just to listen to your gut feeling.


You may have heard that it's easier to find a job when you're in a job and in many cases, this is true. So whilst you may be desperate to quit your job, try and stay in your current role until you have found a new position.

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