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6 Signs You Might Be in the Wrong Career

6 Signs You Might Be in the Wrong Career

It’s a scary thought to realise that you are on the wrong career path. You might experience feelings of panic, upset and worry of years of wasting your life heading in the wrong direction. But how do you know for sure that you are in the wrong career? We have highlighted 6 signs that you might be in the wrong career below.

1. You’re jealous of others

If you find yourself green with envy every time you talk to someone in another field, it might mean that you need to change careers. However, being jealous of another person’s career doesn’t necessary mean a career change is needed. It could mean that you are in the wrong company and need to change company rather than career.

2. You have zero energy

We’ve all heard of the Sunday blues and these feelings are completely normal. However, if you find yourself calling in sick when you are absolutely fine or it’s a real struggle to get out of bed in the morning then this could signal the need for a career change.

3. You are bored

Your ideal career should excite you. Not every day but as an overall thought. However, if you are finding yourself bored then it might be time to shake things up. Common signs that you are bored in your role include seeing no future in your current role or industry, going through your day simply as a box ticking exercise or simply lacking in motivation.

4. You’re mentally exhausted

Your job role may be more mentally exhausting than others and in some industries that is most definitely the case. However, if you’ve recently found yourself more mentally exhausted than usual then this could signal a need for a career change. Your mental health is so important so if you find yourself more stressed than usual then it could be time to look at your choice of career.

5. You’re not giving it your best

Constantly making mistakes? Not doing your role to your full potential? Missing parts of your job out because you don’t want to do them? These are all signs that you are not doing your best at work and could mean a need for a change in career.

6. You constantly complain about your job

If you are going home every night complaining to your partner or your family about your job then it could be time for a rethink. A moan every now and then is normal and absolutely nothing to worry about. It’s time to worry when you are complaining to everyone you speak to about your job, every moment of the day, from work colleagues to family to friends.

As mentioned above, these signs don’t necessarily mean that you are in the wrong career. It could be a change of company or department however if you do feel like these signs resonate with you then it’s worth having a long think about whether a career change is right for you.

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