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A Day in the Life of... Billy Smith

A Day in the Life of... Billy Smith | FGS Recruitment

We thought it would be fun for our readers to get to know the team here at FGS so over the coming weeks, we'll be posting day in the life profiles. First up is our Managing Director and Co-Founder, Billy Smith.

Name: Billy Smith

Job title: Head Tea Maker, Feeder and sometimes MD

Tell us a little about you…

I am responsible for driving the growth, staff development, revenue and strategy of the business. I have over 8 years’ recruitment experience at MD level. Previous sales career spanning IT, Telecoms and selling fire wood, hedging cutting at the age of 11. The remaining 20 + years have been more consultative.

How long have you been with FGS?

From the beginning!

What first attracted you to FGS?

Setting up my own company and making something from zero, creating a viable, profitable interesting company in the height of the recession that was/is attractive to recruitment professionals.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I still enjoy working directly with clients so I very much still have the typical recruitment consultant day, which tends to keep me at the sharp end of the industry. I enjoy reading and interacting with some of the thought leaders in the industry.

What is your favourite perk?

The Beer fridge! No only kidding, it’s the Champagne fridge.

Who would you recommend FGS to?

FGS would suit anyone that’s driven, ambitious and self-motivated.

Ways to get in touch

Tuhoe The Street

t: 07595 238 158

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