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Hiring doesn't need to stop in December

Hiring doesn't need to stop in December | FGS Recruitment

It's December, retailers are competing for the best Christmas advert of 2015 (Sainsbury’s is winning it for us this year) and staff Christmas parties are on the horizon. So this must mean that candidates are not looking for new opportunities right? Wrong! If you’re looking for your new starter to join on 4th or even 18th January, then now is the time to recruit.

As soon as it gets to this time of year, the phones get quieter and the ever frequent words ‘we’re putting off hiring until January’ are heard. Commonly, January with its fresh starts, objectives and new budgets is a popular time for recruiting new employees meaning the space is more crowded with more options for candidates. Therefore, advertising your job in December could give you a head start with less competition and with less competition, you avoid having to pay higher salaries to secure the right candidate. You’ll also be able to start the new year with the satisfaction that your new hires are either in place or in the pipeline.

Let’s face it, for the most of us, December is a quiet time in business so why not use that time effectively to interview potential hires. If you’re working during the period over Christmas and New Year then it’s the perfect time to interview potential candidates. Come December candidates are looking to use their remaining holiday or if they’re one of the lucky ones then their current workplace may shut over Christmas providing plenty of opportunity for candidates to be available for interview.

Research also shows that whilst job views and applications understandably take a dip in the week leading up to Christmas, many job seekers are active over the Christmas and New Year period with Boxing Day seeing a spike and an even greater spike on 2nd / 3rd January so be sure to post your advert during this period to again, get ahead of the game.

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